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Latest Work Activities

Nov 17, 2019

Trail 27 Bridge OK just needs repairs

Nov 17, 2019

Clearing Trail 27A

Nov. 2019

Hydraulic drag 52'W x 14'L Repaired cylinder, motor and built cover for pump&motor

Trail #27 Repairs Needed 2019_edited.jpg
trail 29A Nov 19th 2019 001_edited.jpg
Hydraulics Covered_edited.jpg
Trail work 002_edited.jpg
Newly repaired.jpg

Nov 16, 2019

Bill's idea of de-rocking trail?????

Nov 7, 2019

After 3 days of dismantling and rebuilding, this is the finished product. Thank you to the several members that contributed to this Fantastic Finished Bridge!!!!

trail 29A Nov 19th 2019 006.JPG
trail 29A Nov 19th 2019 002_edited.jpg

Nov 19, 2019

T29A very wet trail but ATV with tracks no issue & left no track

Nov 19, 2019

This was two feet deep but ATV with tracks didn't spin a wheel and came right out. LUCKY!!!!