Finishing Up Nov 2019

Solid base and leveled Nov 2019

Ernie Sean Bill

Trail 10 Bridge Complete Nov. 2019

Trail 27Bill Derocking Nov 2019

Added 4.5 hrs Ramp repairs Nov 2019

Ramp Repaired Dec. 2019

Blow Down Dec. 2019

Blow Down Cleared Dec. 2019

Hay For Wet Hole Dec. 2019

Trail 27A Blow Down Nov. 2019

Trail 27A Wet Section Nov. 2019

You Missed the Best Part Was Lucky!!! Nov. 2019

Repaired Hydraulic Ram, Starter, Box & Minor Welding

Nov. 2019

Repairs Needed  Nov. 2019

Hunters Did This Has Been Fixed Nov. 2019

Made it But ???

Moisture Damage

Repaired Always Tap ends

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