I will not change what was posted earlier but will say all the damage from the 2 bad wind storms along with the heavy snow required us to yet again clear to the whole trail system which took over 200 man hours and equipment. Only a couple of short sections left to be done once we can get to them, need to freeze up first. Trail work is underway, parts of several trails (10,27,29,29A) have been Bush hogged, cleared  and trimmed. Starting at Bartlett Rd T27 & T29A both alternate and Maine trails to Hoyt Brook. Part of T25 and up to Over Look. T27, T29 T29A & T25  to Knowles Rd almost to Manchester turn around and Easler's.  T10, T27, & T29  From Belgrade Stream to Dunn Rd, up to Grill  bush hogged, cleared down trees, removed many rocks and stumps, and cut most of brush. Repaired bridge on T10 toward Dunn Rd. These sections of trails got done while it was very dry big plus. Work has been done on T29 and T29A past Baker's toward Kevin's to Great Pd and toward Christie's and Messalonskee Lake plus T29 behind Fence Company to Great Pd. There are those sections that have to wait till things are frozen and snow on the ground for access.