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January 22nd 2024  All main trails are open.  Gates are open at Fog Island Preserve.  This will open T25 from Readfield bog to Old bog Road Mt Vernon. There is a temp reroute on T27 from Plains RD, Mt Vernon to Whitney Mt Vernon do to wet bog area this may be main trail going forward. Stay on opened trail as we haven't had time for signing. When you cross small pond stay right not left. After crossing Whitney Rd and cross bridge over small stream stay left go out to Bartlett Rd rail road crossing to Hoyt Brook still T27. Then go left at Hoyt Brook along back flow then cross where back flow is wide. This will take you to RT 135 road crossing.  Should have some marking from last year but will up date by end as soon as we can.  Any water crossings  because of potential shell ice us ex-stream caution. Trail to Sunset Grill is open. T29 to Damon's Quick Stop on Civic center Drive is open. If you have any question call Ernie Rice 495-3452.


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