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 February 12th,  2020 CAUTION!! For those venturing out on the lakes, we have received word that a pressure ridge has opened up on Great Pond at the end of Baxter Point (A.K.A. Long point) going towards Hoyt's Island. The Dams have also been open please spread the word and use caution out on the lakes!! They are traveling the lakes  so you should just stay on traveled trails and should be fine. Trails 29/27/27A/ 5 from Manchester to Readfield Bog  to Mount Vernon dragged and and are in very good condition not quite perfect yet. Use extreme caution around any bodies of water as many areas around the shore have thin shell ice and open water about 2 inches below. The pond at Readfield bog is frozen but beware of bog area just stay on dragged trail.   You can also check our Facebook page for regular updates.