January 10th,  2021 there is limited riding as most trails are usable but rough. One place in particular for regular riding we recommend not using. Trail 27 from Rt 135  (Manchester Rd) going toward Readfield / Mt Vernon where it hits Trail 25 there is unsafe crossing. Holt Brook as of 9th of January only has 1/8th in of ice not safe. The water there is about 4 ft deep and the brook is 30 ft wide. You and your sled will get wet!!!!!  You can still get to T25 by crossing Spaulding Bridge over Belgrade Stream just stay on T 29 then left onto T27 then use T10 to Bridge and hit T25. We still have a couple of sections that need more clearing. Cold weather will solve our issues as the club is doing everything we can so you can ride our great trail system. STAY OFF THE LAKES!!!!!!!




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